Coaching(Specializing in Adolescent Success Coaching)

Sometimes, there is nothing to be “dealt” with and all you need is someone who can help you define success or happiness for yourself, and then help you learn and apply techniques that are simple and that work in order to manifest what it is you really want from life. My work for over a decade as a counselor has given me wonderful experience in helping people take the necessary steps to move past roadblocks and to begin realizing their dreams.  Having someone who has the objectivity and the compassion to help show you where you can implement some positive goal setting, and goal reaching skills is a big plus in moving forward in life.  I think we would all be better of if we could connect with such a person.  If you have that person or people in your life, great, be grateful for them and use what they offer.  If not, or if it is hard for you to connect with those people for whatever reason, look into hiring a coach.  As a coach, I am committed to you and your success.  Through live sessions, phone calls or emails, I am committed to helping you achieve success.  We can develop a plan that really works!  For more information about this enjoyable process, give me a call at 480.388.1495.  I will gladly provide a free phone consult to help determine if coaching is for you. (Note: Coaching is a Non-theraputic service.   Any theraputic services out of my purview will require a referral to a Licensed Professional)

My Specialty:  Being a teenager in this day and age is increasingly difficult.  Young people are going through, and subject to, a much more complicated world than the one their parents grew up in.  With so many different things coming at them at all angles, it is no wonder so many of our young people end up taking negative actions with devastating consequences.  There are many great people and programs today that are committed to helping a young person with a drug, or alcohol, or emotional, or mental problem.  But what about those young people that just need some help with setting and achieving goals and developing the communicative and self appreciating skills necessary to achieve those goals?  When a young person does not need therapy** but may need something, a success coach may be just that extra boost needed to help that young person make better life choices.  My experience in working with adolescents has given me great perspective into what it takes to help teenagers succeed in a pressure filled world.  Adolescent success coaching goes the extra mile to help a young person develop the confidence they need to be the person that they want to be.  Give me a call and let’s discuss your situation.  Also, catch me being interviewed on the subject by business coach and show host Dave Lindbeck at  

**DISCLAIMER**-To reiterate, life and/or success coaching is not therapy.  Therapy is the use of particular skills and proven methods to help one deal with a specific issue or set of issues.  Coaching is consultation, education,  and based on personal experience, not treatment of any kind or for any type of mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.   No special or state license is required to be a coach although one may obtain private certification at their own desire, which I have done to ensure the best for my clients.  Therefore, my license as a substance abuse counselor does not cover, nor pertain to, nor hold any significance in regards to my coaching practice.